Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Pellet Questions

Hi Pellet Stove Guys,

Question--What is this a good pellet fuel?
Prestolog pellets are not my first choice. My personal list in order would be 1. Goldenfire. 2. Lignetics 3. Blazer 4. Atlas The top Three Brans are a Douglas Fir blend Pellet . They haves the lowest ash content The word PREMIUM Is to Broad It means any pellet under 1% ash and as low as .25% (1/4) that may not sound like much but it makes a big difference in your stove. At this time I cannot recommended any pellet made from oak or agriculture waste ( corn,nut shells etc. Always try a bag or two before you by a whole pallet of a new brand of pellets that you are not familiar with.

Question 2, The rope seal around the door is coming off. What do I use to secure it back in place? Any special instructions?

OSH has High temp Silicone in the stove section, that is what I use to seal rope gasket back on doors.

Warm Wishes for the holidays,


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