Thursday, November 18, 2010

Austroflamm, Robins thoughts today

Its great time of year, pellet stove service is in full swing here in Sacramento and Northern California.

Today I serviced a Lopi Insert that would not stay on for more than thirty minutes and a Austroflamm Insert had a similar problem. Before I give you the answer to what was wrong with these two stoves ( they had the same problem) I want to give you my thought for the day.

"The problem is usually very simple. Look for the simplest answer first".
OK, now the answer to the question above,

A local dealer told my customers that they would have to keep changing out parts until the could find the answer. That would be very expensive ( profitable for the dealer , expensive for my customer). I cleaned their stove and found that they had a plug that kept the combustion air from moving through the stove, no parts!

The Lopi needed a good deep cleaning also and now it runs with out shutting down and is putting out nice warm wood pellet heat!

On a final note I saw LIGNETICS wood pellet, which I have found to be one of the most superior brand of pellets at the Tractor Supply Store in Dixon today for $215 a pallet (50 bags). That is a great deal folks if you live any where near one of these stores.

Stay Warm,

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